<strong>Vue Cinemas</strong><br>Promotional Material

Vue Cinemas
Promotional Material

After winning Vue as a client, we were inundated with projects that needed conceptualising. In teams of 2-3 we set about developing concepts and creative ideas that could stretch across different mediums. Projects that I was involved in include Thor, October Half Term, Halloween and Christmas as well as the pitch itself. As well as working on a conceptual level for Vue I have also worked to develop concepts and ideas, bringing them to life visually, ready to be artworked for the cinemas. One of these projects being for the film ‘Rush’. Here I took reference from the film and collateral produced for the feature. A worn checkered flag was used to highlight the classic F1 battle.

<strong>Balmaha Brewing</strong><br>Bottle Lables and Web Design

Balmaha Brewing
Bottle Lables and Web Design

The Balmaha Brewing Company had secured land around Loch Lomond to build their new brewery. We were tasked with branding their lead ales, creating an emblem to tie them together as well a designing the site to showcase them on. The results took reference from the surrounding area and key landmarks as well as objects, possessions and artefacts related to the Balmaha Brewing Co. We commissioned Iain McIntosh (a local Glaswegian) to illustrate the labels. The final products can be viewed on their website.

<strong>Visa</strong><br>Olympic Infographic

Olympic Infographic

Role: Interrogating and interpreting a client report. Conceptualising, illustrating and designing an informative print & web based graphic. Storey-boarding and creating assets for motion graphic version. As a sponsor of the London 2012 games, Visa wanted to promote the economic legacy that the UK could benefit from, not only during the games, but extending over the next 5 years. A report was produced and we interpreted this data to visualise the information in an engaging way. Both a print and web version were created alongside a motion graphic. Since the publication and success of the Olympic infographic, Visa has approached us a number of times to create more informative graphics for various different parts of their business. They are seen as an integral way of communicating complicated information in an illustrative and engaging manner. They have dedicated a web page to showcase these infographics.